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Film Study: Utah @ OSU


Utah’s win over Oregon state was exactly what the Utes needed. Another road win, and a bolus of confidence that Utah can compete in this conference. Utah has now won nearly as many road games this year as they have their previous years in the conference. The matchup with USC at home looms large, but before we being previewing that ... Read More »

RECAP: #BOOKMODE vs Oregon State


In case you are wondering, the University Hospital is offering buy one, get one free resuscitation after Utah football games for the rest of the year, not that I’ve either invested in or experienced it this year(Insider alert; I have). All jokes aside, (I have a healthy heart, I promise) it’s hard to ask for better endings after the last ... Read More »

Utah @ Oregon State Preview w/Christopher Knotts of Building the Dam


Thursday night’s showdown between the Utah Utes and Oregon State Beavers is all about opportunity. Both teams are coming into the game with a 4-1 overall and 1-1 conference record.  For the Utes it’d be a consecutive road victory, which, we all know that is something the Utes have yet to accomplish. Of course, the opportunity to move up the ... Read More »

Rose Bowl Reactions

utah season predictions

Alright, so Twitter reactions to victories are always fun, but after the win at the Rose Bowl, they were hilarious!  One person said he would video record himself getting tasered! A lot of other folks couldn’t stop “YELLING” due to the excitement, which I’m also guilty of. During the game though, I’ll be the first to admit, I was so ... Read More »

Film Study: Utah @ UCLA


Utah’s win over UCLA was huge. After the roughing the kicker penalty, I was confident we were destined to lose the game, but as they say …. “Ball don’t lie”.  I went through and watched the game again, and a few things stood out to me. First, the OL blocking was pretty phenomenal, especially as the game wore on. In ... Read More »

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