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Delon Wright

One More Year! A Look at Delon Wright’s Return

Delon Wright made it official late on Saturday March 22nd, when he tweeted out


Update 3/27: There was a slight scare when Delon deleted the tweet referenced above, but it has since been reconfirmed through the Deseret News that Delon does indeed intend to return for his Senior season at Utah:

Utah guard Delon Wright, who became the first player from the program to earn first-team all-conference honors from the Pac-12, informed head coach Larry Krystkowiak in a meeting Wednesday that he plans to return for his senior season.

Fan should be ecstatic at this announcement because Delon Wright is easily Utah’s best player, and its not really close. Delon was instrumental to Utah’s success this year, and with a few extra pieces, and returning nearly 90% of their production from this year, the Utes could be a dangerous team next year.  Delon’s return means Utah’s expectations should be making the NCAA tournament. Barring injury, anything less would have to be considered a disappointment given the Runnin’ Utes current trajectory.  The charts below illustrate how considerable Delon’s contributions were to this team. Here is a remarkable stat…

If Delon had gathered only 7 more rebounds this season, he would have led Utah in points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals for the season.

Delon scored 21% of Utah’s points this season, despite being the center of every opposing defensive gameplan. His per game averages dropped as the season went on, but that was expected based on the amount of defensive attention he drew from opposing teams.

Delon Wright had 19% of Utah’s rebounds.  This is a pretty remarkable stat to produce from the 1/2-guard position.  Delon finished second in rebounds (by 6) to Jordan Loveridge, who was the team’s leading rebounder for the year.


Delon Wright had 35% of Utah’s assists, which leads the team. This is obviously a big chunk of Utah’s total assists, and a number that will benefit the team greatly in his return next year. With additional offensive weapons on the 2014-2015 roster, Delon will surely contribute a healthy number of assists next year as well.


Delon Wright had 37% of Utah’s steals, which leads the team. This really shouldn’t surprise too many fans who watched Utah play this year. With Delon’s extraordinarily long wingspan and quick first step, he’ll continue to be among the tops in the country in this category.


Delon Wright had 29% of Utah’s blocks, which leads the team. This is a remarkable statistic for a player that plays the 1/2 position. Delon has an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, and times his jumps exceptionally well, often blocking players several inches taller than he is.  It is not hard to see why Delon made the All Pac-12 defensive team.


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